Managerial Convention of Plasco Commercial Building
On January 19, 2017, 15-story Plasco commercial building caught fire, and after occurring series of explosions inside the building, unfortunately the building collapsed.
On March 11, 2017, 2 months after the incident, a convention was held by supporting Tecnosa R&D center in University of Tehran, which was focused on 2 major subjects around management scope of this incident with the presence of experts and university members:
•    The Effective Role of building maintenance management using BIM in order to prevent incidents such as Plasco incident.
•    Using simulation, modeling and virtual reality, in order to improve crisis management in incidents such as Plasco.
At this conference, the faculty members of the universities have been studying the impact of the BIM on the Plasco incident.
Initially, if there were BIM information, its benefits before and after the accident were examined. Then, the obstacle was examined and its executive solutions were discussed through the municipality. Insurance agencies review the benefits of BIM buildings for investors and insurers. Finally, the answers to the questions are now addressed in the various areas discussed at the seminar.

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