FatHolMobin Intersection

FatHolMobin non-level intersection project located in Dezful, Iran, which includes one 2-way bridge and one underpass. The cooperation of Tecnosa R&D center in this project was started in order to develop the project Bridge Information Model (BrIM) for the first time in Iran and implementing its concepts in the project. The advantageous of BrIM applications for project controlling are mentioned below:
1) Inserting project controlling required information into the respective database file in order to increase project management knowledge.
2) Managing project costs.
3) Time management and promoting project scheduling using Takt Time Planning.
4) Providing project 4D model that reflects project progress and construction method in various phases of the project.
5) Extracting required information such as workspaces, activity quantities of each workspace as well as issues pertinent to the safety from building information model.


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