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S-LEAN Software

S-LEAN Software Package
The main purpose of this software is to improve the schedule of construction projects, especially the projects which consist of various repetitive activities. To achieve this purpose, the system applies lean concepts and optimization algorithms to develop the optimum schedule. This optimization is based on the reduction of both total project duration and crew’s production variations. Moreover, this software is able to connect to the BIM model, not only for extracting the geometric data but also, for defining required project work areas in a managed manner. The proposed system defines work areas in a way that meets safety requirements to prevent congestion and collision in construction site. Another feature of the system is its capability of determining the exact quantity of each activity in each work. Other significant outputs of the system are mentioned in the following items:
1)    Investigate the influence of various work areas arrangements on project duration to find out the optimum arrangement of work areas.
2)    Manage project work areas by determining the direction of crew’s movements in work areas and allocating each work area to just one crew in a specific time.
3)    Manage work continuity of different crews to eliminate resources usage interruption.
4)    Develop tables and diagrams of initial project schedule automatically.
5)    Develop tables and diagrams of optimized project schedule automatically.
6)    Present the best arrangement of crews by determining the number of crews for each contractor and the number of persons in each crew.
7)    Provide a suitable basement for reliable implementation of the project using lean concepts.
8)    Develop monthly look-ahead plan for reducing project risks, eliminating plan constraints and specifying person’s tasks.
9)    Develop automated weekly plans for facilitating daily control of the project progress.
10)    Determine the reasons of daily works failure to provide appropriate feedbacks and lessons learned.

PORSTA Software

PORTSA Software Package
This software is developed for optimizing the planning of linear infrastructure projects such as roads, railways, airport runways, etc. The main services of this package are evaluating the impact of resources in construction progress, estimating the realistic project duration and developing the executable project schedule. System inputs consist of project 2D drawings, resource constraints, work space limitations and historical data, and discrete event simulation as system engine, help the system to develop a more reliable schedule, in comparison of traditional ways of planning. The graphical user interface is designed for project managers and planner experts to facilitate the decisions making process during project advancement. Other significant outputs of the system are mentioned in the following items:
1)    Probabilistic estimation of project duration.
2)    Evaluating the impact of resources on project progress.
3)    Evaluating the impact of project phasing and shifts on project progress.
4)    Dividing the project to manageable work packages
5)    Evaluating the impact of work spaces on project progress.
6)    Automated estimation of project quantities.
7)    Automated penalization of project spaces.
8)    Presenting the resources production and utilization.
9)    Calculating the project duration based on historical data.
10)    Developing the project schedule (CPM) in MS Project.
11)    Developing 3D and 4D model of the project to facilitate the BIM process.


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