Building Information Modeling

-    Behnam Sherafat, Supervisor Hosein Taghaddos, “Semi-automatic Schedule Generation in Construction Projects Employing Building Information Modeling and Simulation”, MSc., 2017.

-    Farzad Mohebbifar, Supervisor Hosein Taghaddos, “Employing Earned Value Method and Building Information Modeling to Enhance Time and Cost Management in Construction Projects Applying a Case Study”, MSc., In Process.

-    Zahra Andaieshsar, Supervisor Hosein Taghaddos, “Employing Building Information Modeling and Takt Time Planning of Lean Principles to Enhance Cost Management”, MSc., In Process.

-    Zahra Salimi, Supervisor Hosein Taghaddos, “Assessment and Semi-Automated Control of the Buildings Fire and Seismic Safety Criteria using Building Information Modeling (BIM)”, MSc., In Process.

-    Sara Rad, Supervisor Hosein Taghaddos, “Study of Risk Management in Gas Pipeline Projects Using Building Information Modeling (BIM)”, MSc., 2018.

-    Shayan Shayesteh, 1st Supervisor Hosein Taghaddos, 2nd Supervisor Mehdi Samadzad, “Providing an Integrated Framework for Improving the Building Facility Management System Using BIM and VR-Based Models”, MSc., In Process.

-     Mohammad Saleh Dashti, Supervisor Hosein Taghaddos, " Building Information Modeling ", PhD., In Process.

-     Mohammad Saleh Dashti, Supervisor Hosein Taghaddos, " Building Information Modeling ", PhD., In Process.

Lean Principles and Concepts

-     Reza Sadeghi Najafabadi, Supervisor Hosein Taghaddos, “Space-Constrained Scheduling Using BIM and Lean Principles”, MSc., 2017.

-     Mehran Mahmoudi, Supervisor Hosein Taghaddos, “Improving Schedule of Gas Pipeline Projects Through the Development of Lean Construction Principles”, MSc., 2017.

-     Khashayar Esmaeli, 1st Supervisor Mohamad Saed Karimi, 2nd Supervisor Hosein Taghaddos, “Enhancing Construction Process Based on Lean Production Concepts Using Simulation Modeling”, PhD., In Process.

-     Mohammad Mahdi Madani, Supervisor Hosein Taghaddos, “Study of Modularization in Construction Industrial Projects and Implementation of Lean Management for its Evaluation”, MSc., in proses.

Computer Simulation

-     Ariobarzan Abbasi, Supervisor Hosein Taghaddos, “Simulation and Building Information Modeling Based Framework for Enhacing Conctruction Planning (Case Study of Runway)”, MSc., 2017.

-     Shahriar Tolouei, Supervisor Hosein Taghaddos, “Controling and Realtime Planning Based on Lean Management Concepts Using Simulation and Building Information Modeling (Runway Case Study)”, MSc., In Process.

-     Maryam Moazami, Supervisor Hosein Taghaddos, “Optimization of Planning for Construction & Maintenance of Gas Pipeline Transmission Projects using Discrete Event Simulation”, MSc., In Process.

-     Ala Nekovaght, 1st Supervisor Hosein Taghaddos, 2nd Supervisor Rassol Mirghaderi, “Enhancing the Design of Support Structures Considering Modularization and”, MSc., In Process.

-     Amir Hosein Eskandari, Supervisor Hosein Taghaddos, "Simulation", PhD., In Process.

Facility Management

-     Dana Samadi, Supervisor Hosein Taghaddos, “Optimized Maintenance Management of Infrastructures Using Building Information Modeling (BIM)”, MSc., 2017.

-     Atieh Farahani., 1st Supervisor Mohamad Shekarchizade, 2nd Supervisor Hosein Taghaddos, 3rd Supervisor Neda Farhoudi “Life Cycle Oriented Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures Under Corrosion Attack”, PhD., In Process.

-     Mohammad Hosein Nili, Supervisor Hosein Taghaddos, “BIM-Based Bridge Maintenance Management”, PhD., In Process.

-     Zahra Kamal, 1st Supervisor Hosein Taghaddos, 2nd Supervisor Hossein Karimi “BIM-based Facility Management for Healthcare Centers”, PhD., In Process.

-     Mohammad Arzani, Supervisor Hosein Taghaddos, “Comparison of Traditional and Novel Methods of Constructing Gas Pipelines Considering Whole Life Cost Analysis (WLCA)”, MSc., In Process.

Crane Operation Management

-     Arash Eslami, Supervisor Hosein Taghaddos, “Optimization of Mobile Crane Scheduling in Multi-Lift Problems Using Simulation Methods”, MSc., 2017.

-     Navid Keyhani, 1st Supervisor Hosein Taghaddos, 2nd Supervisor Saed Behzadipour, “Construction Equipment Path Planning Using Virtual Construction Tools (Case Study of Mobile Cranes)”, MSc., 2018.

-     Farid Shahnavaz, Supervisor Hosein Taghaddos,“Optimizing Type and Location of Mobile Cranes (Case Study of a Modular Construction Project)”, MSc., 2018.

-     Ali Mousaei, 1st   Supervisor Hosein Taghaddos, 2nd Supervisor Saed Behzadipour, “Optimized Planning of Mobile Cranes' Displacement in Industrial Construction”, MSc., In Process.

-     Shiva Pouladvand, 1st Supervisor Mehdi Samadzad, 2nd Supervisor Hosein Taghaddos, “Presenting a Framework for Lift Planning of Mobile Cranes on Industrial Construction Sites by Employing BIM and VR”, MSc., In Process.

-     Marzieh Bagheri, Supervisor Hosein Taghaddos, "Crane Management" , PhD., In Process.

Management Information System

-     Erfan Abou, Supervisor Hosein Taghaddos, “Study and Evaluation of Second (Vickery) Auction in Construction”, MSc., In Process.

-     Mehrdad Azadi, Supervisor Hosein Taghaddos, “Enhancing Material Management in Construction by Using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology”, MSc., In Process.

-     Reza Khani, 1st Supervisor Mehdi Samadzad, 2nd Supervisor Hosein Taghaddos. “Investigate of the effectiveness of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in safety inspection of civil workshops using a virtual reality system”, MSc., In Process.

Sustainability & Energy Analysis

-     Mojtaba Rezvani, Supervisor Hosein Taghaddos., “Using Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Reality (VR) to Design Sustainable Buildings - Residential Building Case Study”, MSc., In Process.

-     Bahareh Alizadeh, 1st Supervisor Amin Alvanchi, 2nd Supervisor Hosein Taghaddos, “Impact Assessment of Modular Construction on Energy Efficiency of Buildings Using Building Information Modeling (BIM)”, MSc., 2018.

-     Siavash Azizpour, Supervisor Hosein Taghaddos, “Evaluation and Management of Solar Cells in Residential Projects in IRAN by Employing GREEN BIM Factors - Case Study”, MSc., 2018.

-     Yasaman Zare, Supervisor Hosein Taghaddos, “Enhancement of Managing Energy Usage and Life Cycle Cost of Building Envelopes Considering Employment of Solar Panels”, MSc., In Process.



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