Sustainability and Energy Analysis

Sustainability is a comprehensive and integrated attempt to improve three main aspects of sustainability, which are environmental, economic and social issues. The concept of sustainability presents a significant change in comprehension of the relation not only between humankind and environment but also, among people with each other. Various goals of sustainable development in its pertinent domain are mentioned below:
1) Earth and Building: effective use of earth and building, to achieve a better environment with high quality.
2) Energy: maximize sustainable energy and optimum use of consume energy.
3) Waste Material Management: minimize wastes and enhance recycling during construction and operation period.
4) Water: protect water resources and prevent the danger of flood.
5) Pollution: minimize not only the contaminations, which create greenhouse gases but also, noise and light pollutions.
6) Primary Materials: maximum use of sustainable materials, which are found in the local area.
7) Biodiversity: protect and enhance the biodiversity of various existing species in region.

Energy Analysis
Nowadays, environmental hazards and energy crisis attracted the global attentions not only on reducing the energy consumption but also, on utilizing and producing renewable energies. In this regard, the excessive producing of greenhouse gases is a critical issue that threats the health of environment, especially ozone layer. Moreover, destruction of ozone layer not only makes the earth warmer but also, menace the life of creatures in long-term.
On the other hand, construction projects are one of the main source of producing greenhouse gasses that spread many contaminations into the environment during the construction and operation phase. For this reason, energy analysis expert’s attempts to not only minimize the wasted energy in construction projects but also, maximize energy absorption and production. Thus with this manner, a construction project will not be accounted as an environmental pollution and it will act as a renewable energy in long-term.   

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