Management Information Systems

Management Information System (MIS) is a system for collecting, storing, classifying and managing data in long-term, which provides this possibility to access various data in a short time. MIS encompass many advantages such as independence of the stored data, appropriate integrity and security of data, concurrent access to the data and crash recovery. In other words, MIS is a secure home for structured data, which facilitates data management and provides a proper foundation for searching data.
By applying this sort of systems, it is not required to store plenty of documents, which are included lots of papers and there exist the possibility of data losing. Moreover, the main core of MIS is a database, which can be both enormous and intricate enough, whatever it is required. In project engineering and management field, these systems can be employed beside building information models  for storing and managing model extracted data during the life cycle of construction projects. Furthermore, this system can be employed in various construction companies not only for collecting and storing data, which are pertinent to all part of the company but also, for reporting and managing data by company’s staffs, regarding to their access limitation to data.

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