Facility Management

Facility management (FM) is one of the most significant construction management areas, which aims to manage the project in operation phase. Indeed, FM attempts to pursue preventive maintenance action instead of repairing after damages to reduce the costs of the operation phase. This goal can be achieved by integrated utilization of work forces, areas that is existed in the project and novel management technologies. In many cases, by overlooking this important area of construction management, enormous costs will be generated in the life cycle of the project.
BIM is an effective solution to facilitate FM process, which provides a proper foundation for managing the required information of cyclic repairs. Moreover, the integrated use of BIM and MIS creates an intelligent system, which visualizes the parts of the project that requires repair before the actual need for repair. Mentioned system also can store the following data:
1) Data of the repairs that has been done.
2) Data of the facilities, which are required in operation phase.
3) Data of the purchased facilities, changed facilities and extinct facilities.

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