Development of facility management and maintenance system

In addition to management in the field of project planning and construction, the facilities management during the operation period of the project is also very important. Operation and maintenance management is one of the most important parts of construction project management, which by using integrated manpower, various project spaces, processes and new technologies, try to manage the project after construction in the long run and reduce costs and repairs and maintenance related measures. In many cases, by not considering this important management area in construction projects, huge costs are incurred during the project life cycle that are often overlooked. Because in most projects, only the costs of the construction period are considered, which is much less than the costs incurred during the maintenance period.

One of the new areas used in facility management is building information modeling, which provides an ideal context for managing the information required for periodic repairs during operation. By using integrated building information modeling and concepts related to information management systems, an integrated system can be created that visually determines the times required for repairs before the actual need for repairs. In addition, this system stores all the information related to the repairs performed, the facilities considered during the operation period, as well as the purchased, replaced and obsolete parts, in order to finally obtain a system that manages, repairs and Maintenance of project facilities should be done in it.

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