Consulting in the field of sustainable development and simulation and modular construction

It is difficult and almost impossible to predict the outcome and progress of complex activities and operations on paper. While efficient planning as well as better decision-making about the progress of work requires sufficient information and comprehensive forecasts in this area. With the expansion and development of hardware and software platforms, it has become possible to have a reliable prediction of results by having basic information of activities and executive operations. This is accomplished using computer simulation.

In fact, computer simulation is the implementation of various activities and operations and the relationships between them in the computer, which makes it possible to achieve the required results and information from the project in a short time. Without simulation this will not be possible without the passage of time and the actual performance of activities, trial and error, and the payment of additional costs resulting from rework. In this way, more precise planning can be achieved and better time and cost management will be possible. It is also possible to review different implementation options and choose the best and most optimal method from among them.

Therefore, using simulation tools to model the manufacturing process can serve users, including employers, consultants and contractors, and improve project execution time and cost.

Implementation of simulation tools in most construction projects is practical and economically justified. One of the types of projects used in this field is modular projects. Today, one of the answers to the question of the optimal use of time-resources on the one hand, and the discussion of quality and safety on the other hand, is the discussion of industrialization of construction, followed by two discussions of modular construction and prefabricated execution, which It takes steps to achieve these goals (optimal use of resources-time) by using resources optimally as well as applying new technologies. In this construction system, each part of the structure or facility is prefabricated into separate standard units called separation modules and each of them is fully and integrated in one or more production lines, inside or outside the project site and after transportation, It is installed in the workshop.

Careful planning and management of modular construction can greatly affect all three factors of time, cost and quality in construction projects. The use of new management and planning tools in the industry such as simulation and information management systems can play an effective role in planning the various components involved in this process, including scheduling and managing production, relocation and installation, equipment planning, and so on. Among the influential factors in planning and managing the construction of modules, we can mention the dimensions of the modules according to the width of the passage, the capacity of the trailers carrying the modules, the type of accesses of the module construction site and their installation location, traffic rules and similar factors that their proper management and planning is very important.

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