Project management based on lean management, resource and layout optimization

Today, one of the most effective methods that construction companies can use to manage their projects at a lower cost with higher quality and in less time, is to pay attention to the principles of lean construction. Lean principles are principles that are used in lean manufacturing and define the goals of lean manufacturing. The main purpose of lean manufacturing is to combine the capabilities of the workforce with organizational techniques, so that it is possible to achieve a higher output of the system using less resources. In other words, the main purpose of pure concepts and principles is to reduce the waste created during the production process.

Lean construction is a combination of applied research and executive development in design and construction that is consistent with the rules and methods of design and construction in lean manufacturing. Unlike production, construction is a project-dependent process. Coordinating and pursuing the full and complete simultaneous and continuous progress of all aspects of construction and the environment is one of the basic points in lean construction. These aspects include design, construction, activation, maintenance, demolition and recycling. This approach seeks to manage and improve the construction process at the lowest cost and highest value (taking into account the needs of applicants).

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