Sheikhbahaei Residential Building

Project Information

Sheikhbahaei residential building with total area about 6000 square meters is located in Sheikhbahaei street, Tehran. It is a complex includes a floor contains conference hall, pool, etc., 2 floors for underground parking garage, one floor for lobby and 8 floors for residential units. The main purpose of Tecnosa R&D center cooperation in this project was to structure the executive processes, provide a reliable schedule for the project and propose an integrated framework for implementing last planner system (LPS) using BIM. However, in general, Tecnosa R&D center services in this project are categorized in two concepts: 1) Lean Principles and Concepts , 2) Building Information Modeling .


Building Information Modeling

The main purpose of Tecnosa R&D center specialist in this section was to implement the concept of BIM in the project and train the project team. In this regard, one of the main services is defining some add-ins in BIM software for managing the extracted information using Application Programming Interface (API). These add-ins are designed for work areas definition, project cost management, project time management, etc. In general, Tecnosa R&D services in this part are following items:
•    Define work areas for managing the work areas and their relevant quantities.
•    Define a structured database for managing the extracted model information during project life cycle.
•    Propose a systematic framework for adding the schedule to the 3D model in various step of the project to create 4D model and visualizing the progress of the project in any time.
•    Propose a systematic framework for adding not only estimated cost information but also, actual cost information to the created 4D model, to visualize the cost information of the project according to the progress of the project.
•    Investigate the project cash flow in any period of the project.


Lean Concepts and Principles

The commencement of implementing lean concepts and principles in R&D center started by applying last planner system (LPS) in Sheikhbahaei residential building project. Services of Tecnosa R&D center in this section are mentioned below:
•    Systematic and practical implementation of LPS method using Microsoft Excel file.
•    Improve communications and mutual understanding among project team persons by employing lean principles and concepts.
•    Hold organized monthly and weekly meetings for better progressing of the project.
•    Improve not only the quality of project implementation but also, crews’ production rates by enhancing the mentality of accepting responsibility in crews.
•    Provide overall project schedule using pull planning, which is employed in phase schedule.
•    Provide monthly executive plans, which specify daily tasks, and their responsible person.
•    Hold weekly meetings not only for determining daily works are done or not but also, for specifying the reasons of why some works are not done. These meeting also attempts to find out the Percent Plant Complete (PPC) and lean from feedbacks.

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