Xima Residential Building

Project Information

Xima residential building is a luxury building located in one of the best areas in Tehran, Iran. The total area of the building is almost 11000 square meters that contains 12 floors, including 3 floors for parking lot, 1 floor for lobby, and 8 floors for residential units. The interior design of the building is fabulous and the superior global brands are used in design and build of the project. Moreover, this complex contains facilities such as a luxury pool, conference hall with the capacity of 150 persons, billiard and gym rooms, cafeteria, equipped underground parking garage etc.
The cooperation of Tecnosa R&D center in this project is formed not only for improving executive planning but also, for reducing the total cost of the project by applying the novel construction project management technologies as a case study in Iran. Generally, services of Tecnosa R&D center are categorized in the following groups:
1) Building Information Modeling
2) Virtual Reality
3) Lean Principles and Concepts
4) Sustainability and Energy Analysis

Building Information Modeling

Tecnosa R&D center services in this part can be summarized according to following items:
•    Design and develop project building information model including structural, architectural and MEP models.
•    Using BIM for holding clash detection meetings and finding executive clashes among various disciplines.
•    Using BIM for extracting required quantities of various activities in different work areas automatically by employing Application Programming Interface (API) concept.
•    Using BIM for visualizing the project, which not only improve the mutual understanding among various disciplines but also, enhance the client’s vision of final project characteristic.
•    Using BIM for developing 4D models that show the progress of the project according to scheduling by adding the schedule information to 3D model.
•    Using BIM for proving visual schedules and enhancing the quality of project controlling team’s duties.




Virtual Reality

The provided VR model for Xima residential Building is extremely detailed model with high quality, which displays the final implemented project with total detailed architectural aspects. User can be placed in various part of building and experienced a virtual journey before completion of the project. Furthermore, he/she can change various materials and facilities to observe the effects of his/her required changes in the final appearance of the specified part. In this manner, plenty of reworks costs will be reduced.
One of the distinct features of the prepared VR model is its ability in real-time rendering, which provide this opportunity for the user to walk in the model and observe any part of the building. However, other existing VR models in Iran’s VR marketing are not movable and just present a panorama view of every part. The application of provided VR model can be categorized into the following statements:
•    Applying in residential units presell and improving the quality of clients marketing condition.
•    Applying for displaying the final appearance of the project to the customer and implementing his/her required change.
•    Applying for increasing the common understanding of different project stakeholder such as client, contractors, consultant, etc.
•    Applying for storing the maintenance phase data to facilitate its relevant management.


Lean Concepts and Principles

The implementation of lean principles in Xima residential building project is the continuation of this concept in Sheikhbahaei residential building project. Indeed, in this project, the way of implementation is improved to not only be more systematically and automatically but also, employ other novel construction management tools such as BIM in as integrated manner. The cooperation of Tecnosa R&D center in this area includes the implementation of two main lean approach, which are 1) Last Planner System (LPS), and 2) Takt Time Planning (TTP).
1) Last Planner System (LPS)
•    To implement LPS method in a systematic manner in this project, a user-friendly database file is developed, which used to not only store site information but also, facilitate project controlling according to LPS method. The proposed system, encompass both all steps that are required in LPS method, and some parts for facilitating the project controlling such as report tabs. For instance, in the mentioned system, milestone phase, phase scheduling phase, look-ahead phase and daily executive plan control part are designed for implementing LPS systematically. In the following, the main designed form of the system and a look-ahead plan meeting as an instance, shown in the figures.

2) Takt Time Planning (TTP)
•    To implement TTP method, a simulation-based optimization system is developed that attempts to not only structure the way of activities implementation but also, minimize total duration of the project. In such manner, time wastes become minimum and the continuous use of resources (work force) is considered. The proposed system, displays the line of balance diagram of the project in two state as its outputs: 1) before implementing TTP, and 2) after implementing TTP. The relevant diagrams shown in the following figures. In this figures, the horizontal axis determines time progress of the project and the vertical axis determines specified work areas.


Sustainability and Energy Analysis

Tecnosa R&D center’s attempts to consider the various related sustainable regulations in the world, and prepare a modified one for Iran according to the ruling conditions in Iran’s region. For this reason, in this project, a multidisciplinary team of specialist formed to not only localize the various items of world’s energy regulations but also, determine the ways of scoring that item regarding regional environmental conditions. These environmental conditions are such as weather conditions, greenhouse gases conditions, common employed materials in construction projects, the amount of material wastes in the projects, etc. The next purpose is to score the Xima residential building project based on the modified items to compare its current situation with the sustainable one.
On the other hand, Tecnosa R&D center aims to analyze Xima building regarding the energy analysis concepts to find out its energy consumptions and energy wastes. This work is applied by considering some factors such as project location, materials used in the building, etc. In this manner, the amount of absorbed energy, consumed energy and wasted energy will be specified and alternative better options can be explored. Finally, the opportunity of energy saving and cost reduction both in construction and operation phase is provided. In the following figures some part of energy analysis of Xima residential building project are shown.

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